The aim of this course is to give your knowledge of the structure of the IELTS test and the kinds of tasks candidates do on the test as well as give you ideas how to help your students achieve success on IELTS. As a teacher of English, you may already have a stock of skill-building activities up your sleeve, but this course will look at how the four main skills and a number of micro-skills can be developed and practised with the IELTS test in mind.


1.1 Introducing yourself to IELTS
1.2 About the test
1.3 Overview of IELTS modules
1.4 Grades and grading criteria

2.1 About the Listening module
2.2 General advice on the Listening module for test-takers
2.3 Listening: Short sample test
2.4 Types of IELTS listening tasks
2.5 Skill-training for the Listening module of IELTS
I. Gist and detailed understanding
II. Prediction skills
III. Spelling

3.1 About the Reading module
3.2 General advice on the Reading module for test-takers
3.3 Reading: Short sample test
3.4 Types of IELTS reading tasks
Skill-training for the Reading module of IELTS
Scanning an obscure text for answers to comprehension questions
The Jabberwocky challenge
Working out words from context
True, false, not given

4.1 About the Writing module
4.2 Task-specific and general advice for completing the Writing test
4.3 Useful language and activities to improve students’ writing skills
Vocabulary gap-fill
Opinion paragraph writing
Comparing and contrasting
Surveys and data analysis
4.4 Grading criteria for the Writing test Practice test

5.1 About the Speaking test
5.2 Task-specific and general advice for the Speaking test
5.3 Examples of IELTS Speaking questions
5.4 Useful language and activities to improve students’ speaking skills
Expanding the lexical/grammatical range
Using linking words
Raising awareness of the grading criteria
Feeling free to make things up
Using the language of giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing

6.1 Two objectives
6.2 Teaching one to one
6.3 Teaching a group
6.4 Getting started
6.5 Planning lessons
6.6 Completing IELTS preparation


For candidates with teaching experience,a TP ( Teaching Presentation) will have to be provided.
Candidates with no prior teaching experience should have at least one of the following qualifications:

1) A TKT certificate and an IELTS or ESTA* certificate with a bandscore of 6.5 or higher                                                                                         

2) A TTC certificate and and IELTS or ESTA* certificate with a bandscore of 6.5 or higher  

3) A TESOL Level 3 certificate and a TP (Teaching Presentation)

* ESTA: English Standard Test of Amirkabir University

Note : Those applicants who do not have any teaching experience, need to have an interview and a teaching demo in our center or via Skype, depending on their place of living.
For further information about ESTA or your eligibility contact :